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Luís Graça Bastos: documentary photographer for nine years with a previous experience of ten years as a strategic consultant. Everything I have learned in life (especially what I have learned from mistakes) is reflected in my photography. Everyday I push my own boundaries.

After 14 years working as young entrepreneur in the biosciences sector followed by 10 years as strategic consultant for the bio and nanobio industry, Luís definitely embraced the career of visual storyteller. Luis has recently extended his creative activity to video and sound design, areas where he is still taking his first steps. Today, Luís brings with him all the life experience he has acquired, mission spirit, strategic and unformatted thinking, eyesight, focus and objectivity, tenacity and resilience, ethic and integrity he has cultivated.

Luís is a documentary photographer and sound designer. With the gain of experience in the field in real situations in visual and sound narrative, he found in documentary his own path and has a special interest in social documentary and long-term projects. With an obsessive eye for detail, Luís builds a consistent balance between high profile documentary photography and personal fine art projects.

According to Luís's own words:

"Photography must serve a purpose directly or indirectly related to one or more causes, to change the world for the better. It can not only be the demand of the beautiful. Otherwise, it's not photography: it's hollow and useless images. A photograph that serves its purpose must give rest to the eyes and restlessness to the soul."

​Luís Bastos is the author of "Caparica Xávega", a long-term social documentary photographic project.


Luís was born in Almada, Portugal, were is presently based. His academic background is Biochemistry.

luis bastos documentary photographer



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