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Senhor Alfredo Santos is a long-term social documentary photography project entirely dedicated to the professional activity of Senhor Alfredo Santos, upholsterer, with a workshop at Rua Latino Coelho, in Almada Velha, the historic center of the municipality of Almada, district of Setúbal, Portugal. I have been doing photo sessions focused on Senhor Alfredo's work since 2018. My photographic approach is the chronicle since I find it the most appropriate narrative mode for this long-term project. Born in 1943 in Faro (Algarve, Portugal) and raised in this city, Senhor Alfredo began to learn his craft as an upholsterer in 1953 (when he was only ten years old). It is truly remarkable the energy that Senhor Alfredo prints daily to his work. Senhor Alfredo is an old-school upholsterer, a fascinating human and a living treasure of ancient stories, some of which I will tell. This project is my humble way of paying homage to my friend.

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