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Every time I am in the supermarket, surrounded by corridors with shelves displaying all the options of consumption in plastic containers, I think of the plastic trash I find when I photograph the shoreline and vice-versa. But I also think of the ubiquity of plastic, even outside commercial spaces. Our entire consumer society is standing on plastic, and this has to change urgently. There is no room for business goals, indifference and ignorance. Very few actions have been taken when compared to the vastness of actions that urgently need to be implemented, in a concerted manner. The frightening signs that are visible today are still in their infancy and are merely the result of industrial activity a few decades ago. It is not yet possible to see the true disastrous consequences of today's unbridled industrial activity. Plastic recycling has innumerable inherent limitations. It is a remediation that relieves the collective consciousness. Measures will only really be effective if they are implemented in the initial links, upstream of the industrial chain.

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