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Caparica Xávega is a long-term social documentary photographic project constructed from several photographic sessions that I have been conducting since 2017 on Costa de Caparica, Almada, Setúbal District, Portugal. Most of the photographs presented in this project belong to photographic sessions that I took with the “Companha de Poseidon” (formerly “Companha de Neptuno”). My photographic approach is the chronicle since I find it the most appropriate narrative mode for this long term project. I focus on the deep, the untold and the backstage in the story. I strongly believe that it’s worth investing time and attention in this story. The fact of working on this project since 2017 gave me perspective and context that can only be achieved with a long-term project. In addition, my view on this work has matured over time: I ended up building a body of work based on detailed research with a life of its own. And above all of that, I made new, great and loyal friends.

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