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Senhor José Loureiro is a long-term social documentary photography project entirely dedicated to the professional activity of Senhor José Loureiro, old-school knife-grinder, in Almada, District of Setúbal, Portugal. Senhor José Loureiro has been dedicated to this profession for 40 years. He belongs to the second generation of knife-grinders in his family. He walks the streets of traditional commerce shops on his bicycle adapted to his work and announces his passage by playing his “knife-grinder harmonica” (“gaita de amolador”). My photographic approach is the chronicle since I find it the most adequate narrative mode for this long-term project. This old-school profession is on the verge of extinction and, as Senhor José tells me, in 10-20 years it will cease to exist. This project is a documentary work for the creation of future memory and at the same time my modest tribute paid to a hardworking, honest friend who loves what he does.

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